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Intermountain Fire and Rescue Board of Directors

Front Row Left to Right:
Russ Meskell Vice President, Charlie Teichert President, Ron Peterka Secretary/ Treasurer.
Back Row left to right:
Phil Benoit Board Member, Jeff Uran- Board Member, Maurice Waters- Board Member, Bill Middleton- Board Member

About the Board: We have monthly board meetings, which are open to the public. They are held on the first Wednesday of each month, at 6:30pm at the new Station 95 on Highway 78. The Intermountain Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department operates as a California 501c(3) non-profit corporation. The purpose of the Department is, as described in the by-laws, "to provide protection and preservation of human life and property from loss by fire, fire prevention and education, aiding persons in need or suffering due to accident or other circumstances perilous to human life and limb." The Board of Directors is responsible for appointing a Fire Chief, transacting all business of the Department, and all administrative functions not specifically assigned to the Fire Chief. The Department by-laws permit up to nine directors to sit on the board.

Consolidation/Reorganization of Fire Agency Services
For more information concerning the consolidation/reorganization of Fire Agency services go to   http://www.sdlafco.org/

Resolution 02070501